Adventures in Self Publishing: Part Two

Do you know who's tired? Me. You know who hates the story they are trying to publish right now? Me. I have spent the past week intensive editing and analyzing every goddamn sentence in the book, formatting it, and scheduling launch week posts. I spent four hours of my Friday looking on Etsy for giveaway posts. I have thought about nothing but this godforsaken thing for a week because I don't know the meaning of "relaxation."

I'm tired. I'm sick of this book. I want a nap, and to start a new project that has nothing to do with superheroes or villains.

Of course, I expected this general distaste for Sparks Fly to come. There's only so many times you can read a book before it just looks like trash to you, you know? And I passed that mark a while ago. But the thing is, I'm this nasty combination of workaholic and ADHD hyper-focusing that makes it seriously hard to just... take a day. And it does not help that I've only got a week before the launch party, so telling myself, oh yea, we can take a day to do nothing is basically impossible. All I can think about is doing everything NOW.

To counteract this, I think it's high time I sat down and actually looked at how much I've accomplished.
  • I've finished all edits and formatting of the book, and am just waiting for my friend to finish reading it through. Once she does, all that's left is saving it as a PDF, uploading it to KDP, setting the price (which I already have in mind), and ordering the proof. Overall, it'll take about 10 minutes once she's done to do this. 
  • Included with the formatting I've made a title page, a copyright page, an authors page, acknowledgments, a dedication, and all the fun stuff you need in a book. It looks really good by the way. 
  • I've created the cover for the book, which I'm really proud of. 
  •  I've set up mail chimp and the "thanks for subscribing to my newsletter" email that includes the first chapter of Sparks Fly. 
  • I've written (but not edited) the two drabbles that will be posted during the launch week. 
  •  I've created and scheduled all of the event posts over at my Tumblr blog
  •  I've created and scheduled the comic sans PowerPoint that will be posted on the Tumblr blog 
  •  I made the "how to create your self published novel for free" PowerPoint that will be used during the Zoom call on Saturday the 27th. If you want to sign up for that, you can use this link! (oh and I made the sign up for that). 
  •  I ordered all the giveaway materials, and am just waiting for them to come in. They should (hopefully) all get in on time, but if not they'll definitely be in by the time I need to ship the giveaways, and they'll just have to stay out of the photo, which is okay.

Needless to say, I'm pretty damn proud of all that shit. The only things left to make me fully prepared for the launch week are:
  • Uploading and pricing the book and ordering my proof
  • Ordering 3 copies of Sparks Fly for the giveaways (and signing them, because apparently that's a thing people want) 
  • Editing and scheduling the drabbles, which will be barely any time. 
  • Writing and scheduling a Guide to the World thing... that I don't know how I'll be doing. 
  • Writing up and scheduling an interview with each of the main triad characters. 
  • Add photos to the giveaway post whenever those things come in.

And see, this is why I wrote all this out. Because that above is not nearly as much as it seemed like when it was an amorphous list in my head. Uploading and ordering the book copies is maybe a 10-minute thing. Editing and scheduling the drabbles is maybe another 10 minutes of work. The only things that will take work are the interviews and the guide to the world, and that can all be done tomorrow. So really, it's not as much work as I thought, I am just a dummy.

Thanks, blog post. This is why I need you.

Self-publishing is, clearly I think, stressful, and quite honestly, it's not been fun. I think I'm supposed to say it's fun, it's my first novel and all, but it isn't. It's been a miserable June for me. But I took this upon myself, and now I must continue forth. I'm sure I'll appreciate it once I have the book in hand, right?

Just let this be a lesson to all of you - don't give yourself a month to edit and publish a book. Just... don't.